Information Security Degree in Wyoming

Wyoming is a great place to be if you are looking to obtain a Masters in Computer Security. The need for computer systems design security and networking defense is important on a national and international level. Those with a Masters can become a Chief Information Officer or an Information Security Director for a corporation or global enterprise.

Companies with websites need to be able to prevent hackers from harming a website or obtaining vital information. Consumers need to be reassured that information they enter when shopping online is secure. With the increase of phishing sites, viruses, and hackers, information security has become a priority for most businesses.

Degree Options for Masters of Information Security and
Computer Security

There is one on-campus university that offers a Masters in Information Security Wyoming. This is an MBA degree, which focuses on the business aspects of information security and managing employees who handle data security. The business aspects of a computer security degree will also help graduates handle information policies, creating work flows, and determining which projects of information security receive funding.

There are also 15 online universities that have Master’s programs available to Wyoming residents, both MBA and MS offerings for those who want different careers in security. Software programing, networking systems, websites, and even employee computing systems need to be protected from cyber-attacks. These needs must be addressed in many different areas, including private, government, and military.

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