Information Security Degree in Wisconsin

Wisconsin employees approximately 2,000 Information Security Analysts and those who are experienced can earn over $110,000 a year. This makes Wisconsin a great state to pursue a Masters in Computer Security.

The different positions that can be available for graduates of a Masters in Informational Security and Computer Security in Wisconsin include:

  • Information security
  • Information technology management
  • Data security
  • Medical records
  • Information processing

Cyber security jobs are common in many companies in Wisconsin, including companies like TDS Telecom and JP Morgan.

Computer Security Degree Options in Wisconsin

There are seven on-campus options and ten online colleges in Wisconsin that have masters programs in computer security. These can be MS, MBA or MS in IT based, depending on the avenue graduates want to pursue.

Those who want to manage information security departments often have to deal with business aspects. Security penetrates every aspect of a company, and not all issues are technology related. This means that students should take business courses as well as technology courses. Since many who pursue masters degrees are looking to obtain a management position, management courses are another avenue to pursue. Combining, management, business, and computer related courses for a Masters in Computer Security degree will help students prepared for a successful career in information security.

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