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Computer Security Jobs in Washington

According to the Fortress Washington website, Computer related positions are in high demand in Washington, including software engineers. There is an average of 6,000 positions and they earn an annual salary of $92,000. Computer Systems Analysts and related positions are also in high demand in Washington.

Information Security Salaries and Companies in Washington

There are hundreds of jobs available in all of the major metropolitan areas of Washington. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there an average of 9,451 jobs in this field and the average salary is $85,137 a year. Hourly salary can range from $31-$50 depending on experience.

There are many high tech companies that are looking for information security experts in Washington. These businesses include:

  • Microsoft
  • Bungie
  • Amazon.com
  • Nintendo of America
  • Valve Corporation
  • T-Mobile

With these occupations in demand and with the CEOs of billion dollar industries living in the state, Washington is an ideal location, for those who are looking to pursue information security jobs. As interest in this field grows, there will be more opportunities for people in this field. And for those who aren’t interested in technology based careers can find positions in other areas, such as healthcare, finance, and business management.

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