Information Security Degree in Virginia

The increase in prominent cyberattacks in the US in recent years has generated renewed interest in the security of the computer systems of businesses, governmental agencies, non-profit organizations, and governmental agencies.  Network security analysts play a key role in maintaining the security of these systems.  Due to the importance of the positions in this field, network security analysts frequently have leadership roles in their organizations.  Obtaining a master’s degree in network security is one way to attain such a position.

Network Security Master’s Programs in Virginia

Businesspeople in Virginia who wish to obtain a master’s degree in network security can choose from several options of online learning.  Such programs offer the flexibility to pursue graduate work while continuing to remain employed.  Network security training is usually offered as a concentration of an information security master’s degree.

Students who pursue network security graduate work receive high-level technical training in computer science and information security, along with training in management skills.  Graduates of such programs are well equipped to take leadership roles in their organization.  They have enhanced analytical, problem solving, leadership, and organizational skills.  Network security analysts generally report directly to the Chief Information Officer (CIO) of their organization.

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