Information Security Degree in Vermont

The field of information security is critical for maintaining the integrity of the computer systems used by most businesses, educational institutions, governmental agencies, and non-profit organizations for their operations.  Cyber attacks have been increasing in number and intensity in recent years, causing organizations to devote even greater resources to preventing such attacks.  Network security analysts are a vital part of information security and are in such high demand that there was virtually no unemployment in this field in 2011.  Obtaining a master’s degree in network security is a good way to obtain high level employment as a network security analyst.

Network Security Master’s Programs in Vermont

Prospective graduate students in Vermont who wish to obtain a network security master’s degree have a number of options available to them through online schools that offer this concentration.  Training in network security is typically available as a concentration of an information security degree.  Possible master’s degrees in network security include:

  • MS in Information Systems and Security
  • MS in Computer, Information and Network Security

Network security analysts generally have leadership positions in their organizations.  Obtaining a master’s degree in the field trains students in management skills in addition to the technical skills required to maintain security in computer networks.  Graduates of such programs emerge with enhanced analytical, problem-solving, and organizational skills.

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