Information Security Degree in Utah

In addition to its beautiful natural surroundings, Utah is also a great state for businesses. Utah has been considered a center for information technology, research, and government services, in addition to mining and transportation. The state of Utah website recently won an award for Economic Dynamism; this means that it is building its economy on information technology, entrepreneurism, innovation and knowledge.

This all means that this is a great state to pursue a Masters in Computer Security. These high tech businesses and government services need to have their software, hardware, networks and websites protected from external threats.

Options for a Masters in Computer Security in Utah

There is one on campus and five online universities that offer a Masters in Computer Security in Utah. These degrees allow students to obtain generalized or specialized backgrounds in information security, based on future career choices. Because graduates can obtain an information security position in many different fields, students seeking their masters should determine their specialty before starting their degree. This will help determine the courses they will need to take during their studies. These courses can include:

  • Advanced programing languages
  • Critical Analysis
  • Firewalls
  • Server Security
  • Disaster Recovery

Students also have a choice of obtaining a Master’s of Science or a Master’s in Business Administration when seeking a degree in computer security in Utah. Graduates will then have many different opportunities to pursue a promising career in computer or information protection for businesses.

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