Information Security Degree in Texas

Since Texas is known as one of the leading centers of higher education, it is beneficial to obtain a Masters in Computer Security to complete for jobs in field of information security. It also has the reputation of being one of the leaders in technology, and in many instances it is comparable to California.

A Masters in Computer Security in Texas can help a student obtain a position in government or the private sector. There are many important aerospace and military projects taking place in Texas, including NASA JSC and Lockheed Martin.

There are over a dozen on campus universities in Texas that offer an advanced degree in information security. While many offer a masters in science or engineering, there are also master’s in business administration degrees available. These degree programs can help students with whatever information or computer security career they which to pursue in Texas upon graduation.

Courses in Masters in Computer Security in Texas

No matter what type of masters a student wishes to obtain, there are some common courses that an individual will need to take. These courses include:

  • Project management
  • Finance
  • Information assurance
  • Network defense
  • Programming
  • Secure software

These courses will help graduates evaluate information systems for businesses, create secure websites, determine software vulnerabilities and create security policies as part of their new career in an organization or government position.

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