Information Security Degree in Tennessee

The increasing number and intensity of cyberattacks within the United States has raised awareness of the critical importance of information security, and network security in particular.  As businesses and other organizations have become increasingly dependent on computers to conduct their operations, they have become increasingly vulnerable to security breaches.  A high-profile breach can be crippling to a company.  Network security analysts play a key role in helping to safeguard the integrity of an organization’s information system.  People with skills in network security are in such high demand that there was virtually no unemployment in this field in 2011.

Network Security Master’s Programs in Tennessee

Prospective graduate students seeking to obtain a master’s degree in network security in Tennessee can explore their options at online universities.  This type of learning allows students to be flexible and continue working full-time while they earn their master’s degree.

Graduate level work in network security is usually obtained as a concentration of information security study.  Potential master’s degrees include:

  • MS in Computer, Information and Network Security
  • MS in Information Systems and Security

Students receive high level instruction is such technical skills as cryptography, computer forensics, and network security.  They are also trained in critical management skills that foster such attributes as leadership skills and the ability to work as part of a team.  Tennessee residents with a master’s degree in network security have an excellent chance of employment, since the functioning of virtually every company, governmental agency, educational institution, or non-profit organization depends on a secure information system.

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