Information Security Degree in South Dakota

As is the case in most of the United States, organizations in South Dakota rely heavily on computerized systems for their operations.  As cyberattacks grow in number and intensity, the demand for network security analysts grows ever greater.  The demand for these information security professionals is so high that there was virtually no unemployment in the field in 2011.  According to the Governor’s Office of Economic Development in South Dakota, the employment of people in specialized IT occupations such as network security increased over 8% during the period from 2001-2010.

Network Security Master’s Programs in South Dakota

Highly trained professionals are needed in South Dakota to maintain the integrity of computer systems throughout the state.  Network security analysts frequently occupy leadership positions in their organizations.  One way for IT professionals to obtain the combination of skills needed to succeed as a network security analyst is to graduate with a master’s degree in network security.

Residents of South Dakota have a choice of several online programs that offer a concentration in network security.  These programs combine a technical training in areas such as network and computer security, cryptography, and computer forensics with training in management skills.  Network security analysts need strong analytical, problem-solving, organizational, and leadership skills to perform their jobs.  Such a combination of skills can be gained by obtaining a master’s degree in the field of network security.

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