Information Security Degree in Rhode Island

While Rhode Island may be one of the oldest states in the union, it is still modern in current industry trends. Its primary industry is health services, which is one of the main fields for computer security.

Many of the Masters in Computer Security degrees focus on cyber security. However, healthcare and telecommunications are two main fields for graduates who have Masters in Information Security, Computer Security or Cyber security. Graduates in this field help with prevention in software vulnerabilities, identity breaches, and computer systems design.

Computer Security Degree Options in Rhode Island

There are four on-campus colleges and about a dozen online universities that offer a Masters in Computer Security to grad students in Rhode Island. Courses in this degree area include learning about project management, securing websites, intranets and computer systems, as well as learning how to perform computer audits.

These courses can help individuals learn how to protect company and client data from internal and external threats. Graduates can learn how to create policies for organizations that will teach employees how to handle sensitive corporate information. Specialists in information security can also help management determine how to proceed if an employee steals or sells customer information.

With new cyber threats becoming more complicated, businesses need to have well-educated professionals who are up to date on the latest technology. A Masters in Computer Security in Rhode Island can prepare students for a security position in healthcare or any other chosen field.

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