Computer Security Programs in Pennsylvania

If a student is looking for an exciting job in computer forensics, information assurance or healthcare record security in Pennsylvania, a Masters in Computer Security is a good choice. With the growing interest in protecting online and offline information, a career in information security is hot field in most states, including Pennsylvania.

Pennsylvania has 4 on campus and 7 online universities that will help a student obtain a master’s in information security, including a Master in Science, Master in Technology, and even a Master in Business Administration with an IT security focus.

Course Options for a Masters in Computer Security Degree
in Pennsylvania

Depending on the type of career a graduate wants to pursue there are many different courses a student should take when obtaining their masters. For those who want to pursue a career in the healthcare industry, there are courses in healthcare records, healthcare security, and information assurance.

Those who are looking to work in the business world will also take courses in finance, policy, and business law. For a student who wants to pursue a career in IT security with a concentration in programming, there are classes in advanced computer programming that help students prepare to design software that prevents vulnerabilities.

A Masters in Computer Security in Pennsylvania will help open many doors across multiple industries and will prepare graduates to work in the private sector or for the government.

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