Computer Security Programs in Oklahoma

Because of the constant threat of cyber-attacks on business and personal data, a Masters in Computer Security is a great way to enter a growing and exciting industry. In Oklahoma, the aerospace industry, military bases and government offer multiple opportunities for a graduate in this field.

There are approximately 4 on-campus and 11 online universities in Oklahoma that offer a Masters in Computer Security. These degrees are also offered as an MS in Information Technology with a concentration in Information Security, or even specialized MBAs. Regardless of a student’s background and future career choice, an MS or an MBA can help prepare him or her for the fast-paced world of computer security.

Masters in Computer Security Concentration Options in Oklahoma

Depending on a student’s skills and interests, there are many fields of specialty within a Master’s degree in computer security, including:

  • Computer forensics
  • Security management
  • E-commerce security
  • Information security

Common courses in a Masters in Information Security or similar designation include: Cryptography

  • Information security
  • Network defense
  • Programming
  • Cyber-crime investigation

Whether a student wants to work in the private or government sector, a Masters in Computer Security in Oklahoma can help create an opportunity to enter a high demand field.

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