Computer Security Programs in North Carolina

The number of high profile threats to cyber security accelerated in 2012, highlighting the critical role that information security analysts have in protecting digital data systems.  This is particularly true in North Carolina, since a number of companies that specialize in IT systems are located in the state.  This provides a number of job options for those with CISS masters degrees in North Carolina.  Nearly all who sought jobs in this field in 2011 obtained them due to the demand for information security professionals.

CISS Master’s programs in North Carolina

Prospective graduate students in North Carolina who wish to obtain a master’s degree in information security can attend an instate school that offers a concentration in information security as part of its MS in Technology Systems.  In addition, they have the option of pursuing a CISS master’s degree at one of the many online schools that offer this option to residents of North Carolina.  Online study offers flexibility in obtaining a degree, so that the students can remain employed while pursuing their master’s degree.

In addition to technical training in such areas as cryptography and the security of network and computer systems, graduates of CISS programs emerge with enhanced management skills and a greater understanding of policy issues in the security field.  This type of study enhances skill sets such as analysis, problem solving, organization, and leadership.

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