Computer Security Programs in New York

While New York City may be the city that never sleeps, other metropolitan areas in the state are just as busy attracting high tech jobs. Whether seeking a position in the financial district, or one of the many research projects for Empire New York, obtaining a Masters in Computer Security can help New York’s most savvy CISS professionals obtain a position in a fast paced and secure career.

There are many universities in New York City, but in all, there are 15 on campus universities that offer a Masters in Computer Security in the state. There are also many online accredited colleges available for a specialized MBA or MS in Computer Security.

Masters in Computer Security Specialties in New York

With a Masters in Computer Security in New York, there are many specialty areas available for degree seekers. These specialties can include:

  • Disaster recovery
  • Financial management
  • Security engineer
  • Governance
  • E-commerce

With these specialties, graduates can pursue a career in cyber security, healthcare information assurance, finance security and retail. There are also multiple opportunities in the government with a degree in information security. Cyber forensics, policy development, and firewall analysts are just as necessary in state and local government as they are in the private sector.

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