Computer Security Programs in New Hampshire

With unemployment below the national average, New Hampshire is a good state to obtain a Masters in Computer Security. With the large number of businesses in the state, there are many opportunities for a career in informational security or a related field.

There are many on campus and online colleges where a student can obtain a Masters in Information Security. These programs focus on the integrity of the information networks within a company, as well as the availability and confidentiality of proprietary and customer information. Graduates of a Masters in Computer Security in New Hampshire can obtain a position in digital security, data analysis, network security and management.

Courses for a Masters in Computer Security in New Hampshire

There are different courses a student can take to obtain a Masters in Computer Security in New Hampshire. These courses depend on the type of master’s degree the student takes and the concentration the student needs for their career path. These concentrations can include:

  • Digital forensics management
  • Computer security
  • Information assurance
  • Systems management
  • Firewall and server management
  • Information technology security and management
  • Applied security management

These different concentrations can help solidify the foundation a graduate needs to pursue a career in information security in the government or corporate environments.

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