IT Security Training in Missouri

Information Security Analysts combine the skills of an IT professional with those of a detective and a security expert. An information security analyst’s job is to protect sensitive information, such as product research, financial information, or client lists, in his employer’s computer systems. He must stay as current as today’s headlines when devising ways to block the latest schemes of hackers and other cybercriminals. He is the “go-to guy” at his company when there are questions about data security. He is also responsible for protecting information in the event of a natural disaster or other emergency, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Information Security Courses

This particular master’s degree may be elusive in Missouri. Schools in the state offer master’s degrees in computer science and information technology, and one school offers an information security certificate program. Students in Missouri who wish to earn a master’s in Information Security may choose to take the program online from online universities, or traditional schools offering a distance learning program.

A master’s course in Information Security will teach students to approach data security from many angles, including aspects such as relevant legal and ethical issues, cost/benefit analysis, and emergency management. It may include subjects such as:

  • Cryptography
  • Risk Assessment
  • Terrorism
  • Cyber Forensics
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