IT Security Training in Mississippi

The state of Mississippi may not provide an Information Security Analyst with as many traditional tech job opportunities as states with higher concentrations of tech companies. However, an analyst’s skills are almost universally applicable, and Mississippi is home to many concerns that need to protect data, such as hospitals, casinos, oil and energy companies, military installations and defense contractors. Mississippi also has a lower than average cost of living.

Information Security Analysts work with their employers to identify and protect the company’s sensitive data. An analyst’s job often requires him to install security software or other protective measures, and to monitor the computer systems and network for potential security breaches. An analyst must keep current with the methods criminals use to steal information, and take steps to prevent unauthorized access to data, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Information Security Courses

A master’s of information security is not readily available in Mississippi under that name. Some schools offer a master’s of computer science, or computational engineering, and one offers a certificate of information assurance. Students in the state who wish to earn a master’s of information security, or cybersecurity, may do it through distance learning. Many online schools offer this degree; alternatively, students may earn the degree from traditional schools outside the state that offer distance learning programs.

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