IT Security Training in Minnesota

An Information Security Analyst is a professional hired to protect a company’s data, which in many industries, can be its most valuable asset. Minnesota offers Information Security Analysts an opportunity-rich environment. Minnesota has a thriving IT sector, and the state is actively engaged with the issue of information security. For the last few years the state’s government, business, academic and professional leaders have come together to discuss cyber security challenges and solutions at annual “Cyber Security Summits.”

Information Security Courses

Graduate students in the state may earn a degree in much the same subject matter as Information Security with the similarly-named Master’s of Science in Information Assurance (MSIA), or Master’s of Science in Security Technologies. One school offers an MIS Information Assurance Security certificate program. Students don’t have to stay within the state to earn a Master’s degree in Information Security, however; it is offered by many distance learning universities.

Typical graduate courses may cover topics such as assessing and managing data security risks, technical proficiency, the social and psychological aspects of information security, digital forensics and cryptography, among others. Some programs give students the option to specialize in a specific area of information security through elective courses.

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