IT Security Training in Maryland

An Information Security Analyst protects the data in a company’s computer networks and systems. The analyst is responsible for preventing spyware or hacker attacks, worms, identity theft, viruses or other attempts to damage the system or to steal information. The analyst may also install defense measures such as user identification systems, firewalls, or other protective software. The growing number of virus and hacker attacks has resulted in an increasing demand for Information Security analysts in both the public and private sectors.

Information Security Courses

Students who wish to earn a Master’s in Information Security can find many schools in Maryland that offer the subject matter under that, or a similar, name. One university offers a Master’s of Science in Cybersecurity. Another offers a Master’s of Science degree in Security Informatics and several offer a Master’s in Information Assurance. A Master’s of Information Security is also available from online universities. Some online universities offer an MBA with a computer and information security specialization and at least one offers a master’s degree in information security management.

Information Security courses teach students how to assess security risks and to detect and foil cyberattacks. Sample subjects include:

  • Software Security
  • Hacker Techniques
  • Intrusion Detection
  • Internet Security
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