IT Security Training in Maine

An Information Security Analyst is a computer professional whose job it is to help defend a company’s computer systems, and the data in them, from attack or theft, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. The analyst acts as a data security advisor to his employers and implements protective measures.

An information security analyst must stay current with the latest computer security issues and may take a hand in educating other employees about computer security. Information Security Analysts are needed almost everywhere and may work for private companies, the military, or state or federal agencies.

Information Security Courses at the Master’s Level

A Master’s in Information Security may be hard to find under that name in Maine. One school in the state offers an Associate of Science degree in Information Security. Other schools offer computer-related graduate degrees, but without information security as the primary subject. Students who wish to earn a Master’s in Information Security may consider earning the degree online. A Master’s of Information Security is available from many accredited online universities.

Coursework for this degree explores the nature of security threats and the different elements of computer security. Sample courses might include:

  • Network Security
  • Security Risk Assessment
  • IS Theory
  • Security Lab
  • Cryptography
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