IT Security Training in Louisiana

The scale of cyber attacks grew substantially greater in 2012, emphasizing the critical need for information security analysts.  Pursuing a master’s degree in information security is a common route to obtaining a management position in the field.

Those with CISS master’s degrees work in an array of businesses, the government, educational and non-profit organizations.  With the growth in the tech industry in Louisiana, the need for information security professionals in Louisiana is expected to grow by 26%, as compared to 22% for the country as a whole.

CISS Master’s programs in Louisiana

Those with wish to obtain a CISS master’s degree in Louisiana have a number of options available through the online schools that serve residents of the state.  This includes a program that has been certified by the National Security Agency (NSA).  Such coursework combines a technical IT training with that in management and public policy.  CISS graduates generally work closely with the Chief Information Officer (CIO) of their organization.  Normally, the organizations that hire these professionals prefer individuals with some work experience in the IT industry.  Information security analysts are in high demand, and there was virtually no employment in this field in 2011.

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