Kansas Information Security Programs

The field of IT security has become essential to the functioning of any organization that relies on computer systems as part of its operations.  During 2012, cyberattacks grew in numbers and severity, leading to an increased awareness of the critical importance of IT security.  A CISS master’s degree emphasizes both technical and management skills, so that graduates of these programs have high-level training in preventing attacks on computer systems.

Employment in IT security is expected to grow by 22% from 2010 to 2020. Because of the critical importance of knowledge of IT security, the unemployment rate was virtually zero for information security analysts in 2011.  The growth of the IT industry in Kansas provides career opportunities for those with CISS master’s degrees.

CISS Master’s programs in Kansas

Those seeking a CISS master’s degree have a number of options available through the myriad of online universities that offer this type of degree.  This includes a program that is certified by the National Security Agency (NSA).  A CISS program provides technical training in network security, cryptography, and forensics.  It also has a strong component of management training, providing students with enhanced skills in communication and teamwork.  Students also obtain a background in public policy, so they have a strategic view of IT security issues.  CISS graduates have enhanced analytical, organizational, and problem solving skills that help them to maintain the security of their employer’s IT systems.

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