Indiana Information Security Training

As the number of cyber attacks in the United States has increased in intensity and number, the need for IT security professionals has grown substantially.  Information security analysts are essential components of any IT program.  Those with a Master’s in IT security have enhanced skills in the technical areas of protecting networks and responding to cyber threats, along with the business acumen required of those in high level IT positions.

The “arrival” of Indiana’s tech sector was proclaimed by the state’s Governor in 2012, because of the high level of IT job growth and investment in Indiana.  There have been several high profile announcements of IPOs from tech firms located in Indiana, including Angie’s List and Exact Target.  The high profile IT industry in Indiana provides substantial career opportunities for those with master’s degrees in IT security.  There are active professionals in the Northeast Indiana and Central Indiana chapters of the Information Systems Security Association (ISSA).

IT Security Master’s programs in Indiana

The availability of high level educational opportunities in the state is considered part of the reason that Indiana has been so successful with its IT industries.  There are several options to obtain Master’s degrees in IT security at instate schools in Indiana.  One is to obtain an MS in Information Security and Assurance, while another is to obtain an interdisciplinary MS in Information Security.

In addition, there are a number of online schools that offer IT Security master’s degrees.  This type of training allows more flexibility and enables students to obtain their degree while working full time.

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