Idaho Information Security Training

The field of IT security is critical to maintaining the safety of the information systems that are used by the government, businesses, and non-profit entities such as educational institutions.  Those with master’s degrees in IT security are well equipped to provide essential security measures to their employers.  Graduate training in IT security enhances both the technical IT skills required to maintain the security of computer systems and the management skills required for those in leadership positions.

Job growth in the field of IT security is expected to grow 22% nationally by the year 2020.  An analysis from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) found that, in 2011, virtually all information security analysts seeking jobs were able to obtain a position.  Idaho is no exception to this trend, and the field of IT security is important to the functioning of the numerous organizations located in the state.

IT Security Master’s programs in Idaho

Prospective graduate students who wish to obtain an IT security master’s degree in Idaho have a number of options available through online educational institutions.  This includes the ability to obtain training from a school that is certified by the National Security Agency (NSA) for its IT security graduate program.  Online learning offers the flexibility to obtain a master’s degree in IT security while continuing to work full time.

Coursework for IT security master’s programs generally combines training in such technical areas as cryptography and network security with training in government policy and management skills.  Those who are employed in this field tend to have strong analytical, problem-solving, and organizational skills.  Graduates with a Master’s degree in IT security have enhanced training in these areas.

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