IT Security Training in Florida

With the fourth largest economy in the United States, Florida is a good place to obtain a Masters in Computer Security. The state has initiated a major push for new business, including high paying technology companies.

Florida also has many opportunities for students to obtain a Masters in Computer Security degree. With nearly ten on campus universities and multiple accredited online colleges, those who are looking to advance their career in information systems security have many viable options.

Courses in Computer Security in Florida

There are multiple paths a student can take in the advanced education environment in Florida for a computer security degree. For those who are looking to specialize in the business field, such as finance, healthcare or enterprise systems, a Masters in Business Administration degree with a specialization in Computer Security will help graduates analyze, protect, and control important information. For those who are looking for a career in technology, cyber security or web design, a Masters in Science degree is beneficial.

Depending on the degree path a student chooses, courses may vary. However, there are some common courses students will need to take to help them:

  • Understand how human beings, technology, and business processes can affect information assurance and control
  • Determine policies for companies to help businesses protect their information from internal and external threats
  • Audit information systems and network infrastructure to determine vulnerabilities

Graduates with a MS or an MBA can pursue a career in computer security in Florida with the military, government, or the private sector.

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