Washington, DC Information Security Programs

Washington, DC is a fast paced and multicultural area. And as such, there are many opportunities for those who pursue a Masters in Computer Security here. From security programming, information security, cyber defense, and web systems security, there are many jobs available in either the government or private sector.

There are a number of campus-based and online universities where students can obtain a Masters in Computer security or masters in information security in the DC area. As there are four major university hospitals that hire IT graduates in the district, healthcare management systems is a good area of focus.

Courses in Computer Security in DC

IT Security classes can include programming to help install control to prevent exploitation in software. Server protection is another area where breaches can occur. When these things occur, business continuation is important, and graduates can help create policies to help recover stolen data and rebuild security measures after a breach.

Other courses that can be covered include:

  • Firewall security
  • Ethics
  • Science
  • Information technology
  • Staffing

Management is the main goal for those who pursue a master’s degree. Learning how to run a department often means managing a staff of technical and non-technical personnel. Project management, management courses and accounting are other important aspects of obtaining a successful position after graduation.

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