Delaware Information Security Programs

The increase in cyber attacks in the United States in recent years threatens the critical information infrastructure used by businesses, governmental agencies, educational institutions, and non-profits to conduct their operations.  This has increased the profile of network security analysts, leading to increased employment in this field. 

The demand for information security professionals is so high that there was virtually no unemployment in this area in 2011.  Network security analysts frequently hold leadership positions in their organization, and obtaining a master’s degree in network security is one way to obtain this type of position.

Network Security Master’s Programs in Delaware

Students in Delaware who wish to obtain a master’s degree in network security have a number of choices available to them through on-line schools that offer this concentration.  Network security training is usually obtained as part of a master’s degree in information security.

Training in network security teaches both such critical technical skills as mastering the technology of network security infrastructure, cryptography, forensic computer analysis, and such broader skills as database management.  Master’s students also gain enhanced business skills, so they are poised to accept leadership positions in their company’s infrastructure.  Learning about the policy issues of network security helps them to make strategic assessments of the network security of their employer.

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