Connecticut Information Security Programs

The field of network security analysts is growing rapidly as cyber attackers bring awareness to the critical importance of network and information security for businesses, non-profits, educational institutions, and governmental agencies.  The field of information security is expected to grow 15.8% in Connecticut through the period leading to 2020.  Obtaining a master’s degree in network security provides the critical training required to be a leader in an organization’s IT infrastructure.

Network Security Master’s Programs in Connecticut

Prospective graduate students in Connecticut who wish to obtain a master’s in network security can choose from several high-quality online schools that serve residents of the state.  Network security is generally a concentration of an information security degree.  Possible masters degrees that feature network security include

  • MS in Computer, Information and Network Security
  • MS in Information Systems and Security

Network security master’s degrees offer technical training in cyber security, such as cryptography, computer forensics, and systems analysis.  They are also likely to receive training in database management.  These programs also train students in management techniques, so that they are well equipped to take leadership roles in their organization.  Graduates also emerge well versed in the policy aspects of the information security field.

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