Arkansas Information Security Programs

As cyber attacks become ever more widespread, network security has become a critical part of the operations of a wide array of entities, ranging from businesses to non-profits.  The need for information and network security analysts is so great that there is projected to be a 22% increase in the field nationally in the period up through 2020. 

With an accelerated emphasis on IT jobs in Arkansas, residents of the state will see an uptick in the availability of network security analyst positions.  Those with master’s degrees in network security are well poised to take leadership positions within the organizations that employ them.

Network Security Master’s Programs in Arkansas

Residents of Arkansas have a number of options to obtain a master’s degree in network security through online schools that serve residents of the state.  This type of degree trains students in the technical aspects of network and information security, it also provides training in management skills, so that graduates can take leadership positions.  Obtaining a grounding in policy issues is another benefit of obtaining a master’s degree in network security.

People with this type of degree are well equipped to make strategic decisions about network security and frequently report directly to the Chief Information Officer (CIO) of their organization.  Network security analysts may want to consider joining the northwest Arkansas chapter of the Information Systems Security Association (ISSA).

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