Alaska Information Security Programs

With a Masters in Computer Security degree, Alaskans can prepare themselves for a career in almost any market. Occupations in computer forensics, information assurance and security, as well as cyber defense are common for those who pursue a Masters in Information Security in Alaska. Most of the job openings are focused in metropolitan areas, such as Juneau, Anchorage, Sitka, and Fairbanks.

There are approximately 5 on-campus universities that major in computer security and 10 online colleges. With remote locations common in Alaska, even many of the on campus degree programs offer some online options.

Information Security Courses in Alaska

There are several different options that students can take if they are looking to pursue a Masters in Computer Security in Alaska. Some students prefer a technology-based program, and pursue a Masters in Science degree. These upper level courses for this degree include:

  • Security architecture
  • Web legal policies,
  • Perl
  • Response and recovery
  • Server Security

Other students prefer a Masters in Business Administration focus with a technology concentration. This concentration can take the shape of cyber defense or information security. Courses for the business aspect can entail:

  • Accounting
  • Ethics
  • Business management
  • Math
  • Policy

Both of these course paths can lead to an exciting career in Alaska working for oil companies, healthcare organizations, or the government.

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