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Computer Information Systems Security professionals must be formally educated, and many companies now demand individuals with graduate degrees. We developed CISSGrad.org with that in mind. Our staff of writers and CISS professionals has compiled the latest data, statistics and research on everything from education and certification requirements to current trends in employment and salaries.

From the theft of proprietary information to destructive viruses and breaches of data, computer system security remains a top concern among governmental organizations and private sector corporations around the world. The majority of businesses, whether large or small, must consider their network and security protocols on a near-constant basis. As such, the importance of professionals skilled in computer information systems security (CISS) has never been greater and the demand has never been greater. CISS professionals work to ensure that a company’s sensitive information remains secure at all times.

They also ensure that company operations remain fluid and unobstructed. Without them, the threat of hacks, viruses, and security breaches becomes magnified, threatening a company’s operations and the security of customer data.

We encourage visitors to use this site as a free resource to learn more about the exciting field of computer information systems security, the abundance of opportunities within this field, and their options regarding degree programs in their area.